24K CBD oil - certificate of analysis

CBD Oil Testing Done by a 3rd Party

It is important to make sure the CBD product you purchase is tested by a third party and has a certificate of analysis. Third party testing is important because the company doing the test doesn't have an interest in the end results one way or the other.  

Testing of CBD products is very important to both consumers & manufacturers. Especially with so many products available on the market today. Above is the most recent certificate of analysis of our product 24k Gold CBD capsules.

The most common reason a person is interested in this certificate of analysis (COA) is the existence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Every test of our CBD oil shows there is NO thc present. 

24K Gold CBD Capsules are 100% THC FREE. 

The Difference

The difference between 24K Gold CBD and other products is the absorption of the cannabinoids into your body. Our Nanoemulsion  technology makes it able to be broken down by water. This is a very important distinction because our bodies are 60% water.  Absorption is 300%-500% MORE than cannabinoids delivered through purely oil.